The Trek Of Your Life The Trek Of Your Life
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Come to Nepal. You will have the opportunity to: help transform this beautiful county through socially conscious travel. 10% of your trip's base cost will be donated to Nepalese projects. You will experience new cultures and languages while serving people in much needed areas. You'll be able to go sightseeing, shop, participate in Yoga, and meditate. If you enjoy hiking, you will have opportunities for trekking as well. Opportunities for personalized activities can be arranged to Tiger Tops, Bhutan, and Tibet. It will be The Trek and Journey of your life!
Group size is limited to individuals (maximum of 12) interested in enriching their lives and the lives of those they meet. Are you one of them? Voluntourism is a good way to experience the best aspects of travel-sightseeing, recreation and relaxation with service. By volunteering for a few hours in Nepal, you can count on having a rich cultural exchange with Nepalese people, deepening your understanding of yourself and the world. The time spent volunteering depends on the interest and skill of the group. For more information about volunteer projects read Sydney's blog
A yak in the Langtang region

A yak in the Langtang region. Daniel Prudek/Shutterstock

Upcoming trip dates:
October 29-November 10, 2017
13-day trek to Langtang, Kathmandu Valley.

Langtang is # 43 on the New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2017. This area is North of Kathmandu Valley and borders on Tibet. The scenery is spectacular, and the trek more adventurous as the area is visited by fewer tourists. Nepal's first Himalayan National Park is inhabited by Tamang (originally tibetan Horse traders) and Sherpa people whose religious practices, language and dress are much more similar to those of Tibet. We’ll trek through alpine terrain, verdant midlands, rustic villages and monasteries. A crumbled town springs back. Visitors to this hinterland 40 miles north of Kathmandu dwindled following the 2015 avalanche that nearly wiped out Langtang village, the nerve center of the area. In an effort to revive tourism, the travel outfitter Intrepid now offers a spectacular 15-day Tamang Heritage Trail Trek through alpine terrain, verdant midlands, rustic villages and monasteries. The newly opened portion of Langtang National Park called the Tamang Heritage Trail affords an opportunity to meet the Tamang people, originally Tibetan horse traders. Cost: $2044.00
November 1-10, 2017
Arts, Music & Social Justice Tour
You will have the opportunity to see, understand, and even try out some of the arts, crafts, music, and philosophies in several villages. This tour offers a chance to help transform this beautiful country through socially-conscience travel. You will have the opportunity to see, understand, and even try out some of the arts, crafts, music, and philosophies in several villages. This is a chance to get off the beaten path, go places that tourists don’t often go and make sincere contacts with artists and musicians and social justice projects in Nepal. You can also be a hands on volunteer in our sustainable projects. Some options to hike, shop, or go out and explore are built in for those who are interested. Itinerary is subject to change and surprises. Tara Linhardt, who has lived and studied with Nepal's woodcarvers and co-founded The Mountain Music Project, which works to preserve and promote the traditional music of Nepal, will be your guide. With the Mountain Music Project she has also started, funded, and overseen music programs at various orphanages around the Kathmandu Valley giving music education lessons in traditional Nepali music by traditional Nepali musicians to children who otherwise would not have access to music lessons. She helped make a documentary film and a CD comparing the musics and cultures of the Nepali music in the Himalayas and southern Appalachian mountain musics of bluegrass and old time in the US as well as performing and presenting the music at National Geographic, The Rubin Museum, The Smithsonian Folklife Festival, The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, and multiple universities and arts organizations both in the US and Nepal. Cost: $1785.00
Once you are over there-why not see more? Available extension trips and volunteering:
November 11-14 2017 Voluntourism Extension
Dadagaun Project: Shivapuri Heights Cottage will be the base from which we visit the Dadagaun School. A breath of fresh air. True Nepalese. Authentic Nepal, awaits you at the Shivapuri Heights Cottages. Our traditionally designed Cottages, located on the edge of the Shivapuri National Park, are your home-away-from home when visiting Nepal. Shivapuri Heights Cottages provide an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the City while having the advantage of being only 30 minutes drive plus a short walk away from the city center. Cost: $755.00.