The Trek Of Your Life The Trek Of Your Life
Sydney Frymire & Associates
Dadaguan Village School and Orphanage

As the founder of The Trek of Your Life, I organize voluntourism trips to Nepal. Over the last few years these trips have focused on volunteering at the Dadaguan Village school and orphanage located in the foothills surrounding Kathmandu. Through this program The Trek of Your life has:

Equipped a computer room
Made donations for three scholarships
Donated 7 Computers for use by school children
Purchased school supplies, such as origami balls, pencils, laminated posters, flash cards, English teaching props
Worked with a native Nepalese to bridge the communication gap

When I was in Nepal last year the children in Dadagaun Village were practicing Justin Bieber songs and dancing like him. It occurred to me that they might start to devalue Nepalese culture as they are exposed to more international travelers. So this year I am taking another group to Nepal to set up a program where Nepalese music and dance enhances the school curriculum. With your help, these talented bright children will learn that their music, dance and art, developed through centuries, has value. We will begin this year to lay the groundwork so the Nepalese can become the stewards of the program and spread the pride in their musical traditions.

Your contribution will help us buy:
10 sarnagis (fiddles) $25 each
10 bansuri (flutes) $10 each
10 madal (drums) $20 each
10 morchunga (harps) $5 each
$600-salary for a Nepalese musican to visit Dadaguan Village School