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Dadagaun Village School and Orphanage Earthquake Appeal
The following is a letter from Steve Webster at Shivapuri Heights Cottage

May 1, 2015

Thank you to all of you who have expressed your concern about Nepal and also our staff and our Shivapuri Heights Cottage.

The Shivapuri Hills shook pretty violently and our Cottage suffered some damage but all of our guests and staff are safe and unharmed.  There are some repairs to take care of and we have decided to close for the rest of the season but the repairs are manageable.

Many of you may remember that we support the local Dadagaun Village School and Orphanage which has sustained substantial damage. The orphanage and many village homes have cracked and crumbled walls, holes in roofs, damage which has left them completely unsafe to live in.  In the words of the orphanage manager: “Our building is very badly damage and is make rock in to soil”.

Miraculously, no serious injuries have been reported in the Village but the headmasters wife has lost 3 of her family members.   Dhorje’s own home has been made unliveable and he and his family are camping under a taupaline.  the Dadagaun school will be closed for atleast the next two weeks along with all other schools in Nepal.

Most people in the village are sleeping outside under makeshift lean-to’s and tarps. The ground is cold and damp, the rains of an early monsoon adding to their discomfort and fear. Landslides are a threat and aftershocks from the earthquake rumble on daily. These are people who we have assisted for nearly a decade to advance their living standards and their kids’ education. They are poor and without resources. We cannot turn our backs on them now. They need immediate help.

I am attaching some photos of the devastation at the Orphanage which will need to be completely rebuilt. Today though we have been able to provide them with a tent and food supplies.   Sadly, because of the proximately of Dadagaun to Kathmandu it is actually being missed out from the government assistance and aid agencies attention and this is the case of many villages lying close to Kathmandu.

Thank you so much for your generosity,


Here are some photos of the damage: